Sample Agenda for Product Training


Attendees should study materials on the XPDL and other WfMC standards and the OMG’s Workflow Management Facility specification.

Day 1:


Introduction to the TWE XPDL / BPMN editor

Explanation of TWE usage in respect to XPDL and explanation of XPDL elements: Participants, Applications, Variables, Processes, Activities, Transitions and conditions, Activity deadlines

Modeling XPDLs for TWS - restrictions and specifics

Modeling Tool agent activities, deadlines, exception handling

Modeling transition conditions

Modeling a simple XPDL process with TWE and deploying it on TWS

TWS architecture and APIs

Introduction to TWS

TWS architecture, the possible uses and integration with other systems

TWS client APIs - API for handling XPDLs, Core APIs (OMG API and WAPI), API for obtaining various runtime and XPDL information, API for deleting processes, checking deadlines and limits, cache handling, Filter builder API and OMGs “WfXXXIterators”

Day 2:

TWS architecture and APIs - continued

Kernel API

TWS internal APIs


Callback from TWS components and toolagents to TWS

Day 3:

TWS from scratch

Modeling sample XPDL processes from scratch

Deploying XPDLs in TWS/Shark

Adjusting XPDLs and changing the TWS configuration

Q&A Session

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