Together XPDL and BPMN Java Workflow Editor


What is XPDL ?

XPDL is the abbreviation of "XML Process Definition Language". The Workflow Management Coalition has identified five functional interfaces for a workflow service as part of its standardization program. The XPDL specification is part of the documentation relating to “Interface one” supporting process definition import and export. This interface includes a common meta-model for describing process definitions (XPDL) and an XML schema for the interchange of such process definitions.

XPDL is a very well accepted standard and is implemented by many commercial and open source workflow engines.

A detailled introduction into XPDL modelling is part of the Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor documentation.

Who is WfMC ?

The Workflow Management Coalition, founded in August 1993, is a non-profit, international organization of workflow vendors, users, analysts and university/research groups.

The Coalition’s mission is to promote and develop the use of workflow through the establishment of standards for software terminology, interoperability and connectivity between workflow products.

Consisting of over 300 members worldwide, the Coalition is the primary standards body for this significant software market.

Is the Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor file format open ?

Yes. Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor reads and writes pure XPDL XML files. These XPDL files are completely and purely based on the standard XPDL schema defined by WfMC.

Which workflow engines / servers does it support ?

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor produces XML files based on the XPDL specification, and supports every workflow engine that knows how to interpret standard XPDL. Some example are: Together Workflow Server , Fujitsu, TIBCO, WfmOpen,...

A complete list of XPDL enabled products can be found on WfMC homepage.

Which languages does it support ?

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor currently supports English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Serbian. Feel free to contribute a translation !

Which version of XPDL does it support ?

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor currently supports XPDL version 2.1 and the BPMN graphical representation.

What are "XPDL extended attributes" ?

One of the key elements of XPDL is its extensibility to handle information used by a variety of different tools.

XPDL may never be capable of supporting all additional information requirements in all tools. Based upon a limited number of entities that describe a workflow process definition (the "Minimum Meta Model") XPDL supports a number of different extensibility approaches.

"Extended Attributes" are one of the most important elements of XPDL. This is a generic construct that supports vendor specific attributes for use within the common representation.

How can I print a process graph ?

You can save a process graph as PDF, JPG or SVG file, open it and print it using your favorite imaging tool.

What is Wf-XML ?

Wf-XML is a standardized WfMC web service protocol that can be used to connect to a process engine remotely for the purpose of sending or retrieving process definitions. Most people are aware that various process definition languages have been developed in recent years. The most famous is WfMC XPDL, but equally notable is OASIS WS-BPEL, as well as other specialized process definition languages. The process definitions that are described by these languages are expected to be installed into a process engine for execution. The language itself naturally does not define how to install the definition into an engine. This is the role of Wf-XML.

The central concept is that there will be process design tools like Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor that specialize in allowing a user to edit a process definition which can consume and produce a standard format. There will be process engines that can execute such definitions. The process design tool uses Wf-XML to list the process definitions that are loaded into the process engine and retrieve a particular process definition. Wf-XML also provides a way to update the process definition, as well as to install new process definitions into an engine.

Together XPDL Workflow Editor fully supports Wf-XML and has shown its compatibility with different vendors.

Which "XPDL extended attributes" are supported ?

Together XPDL Workflow Editor supports every possible use of XPDL extended attributes defined by the WfMC XPDL standard. The editing dialogs can be customized to show special extended attributes like "normal" XML element attributes of the XPDL schema.

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