Together XPDL and BPMN Java Workflow Editor

Professional graphical XPDL and BPMN Workflow editing

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor - also known as Enhydra JaWE - is a graphical Java Workflow Editor implementing native WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition) XPDL-Specifications (XML Process Definition Language) V2.1 using the BPMN graphical notation. Every WfMC compliant XPDL-File can be viewed, edited and saved either from a local/remote mapped filesystem / drive or via Wf-XML directly from WfMC compliant workflow engines like Together Workflow Server / Enhydra Shark. LDAP connections to MS Active Directory or OpenLDAP are supported for importing process participant data. References between XPDL packages/files are supported and resolved.

Extensive logical XPDL validation beyond simple XML syntax checks is done automatically. Guided dialogs for all XPDL elements / attributes, customizable activity icons, freely definable XPDL copy/paste design pattern libraries and optional graph auto-layout support productive XPDL editing. A special configuration for support of Together Workflow Server / Enhydra Shark is also included.

Editor Features

  • Pure Java, useable on almost every Operating System
  • Graph actions to select all transitions between the selected activities
  • Transient XPDL package references
  • Configurable Workflow design patterns copy/paste pool support
  • Customizable activity Icons using native XPDL attributes
  • Together Workflow Server / Enhydra Shark semantics /validation
  • User-defined configurations support
  • Dynamic configuration switching at runtime
  • LDAP support to extract participants data
  • Wf-XML support
  • Undo/Redo support for every editor action
  • View referring elements for an XPDL element
  • Modeless editing dialogs
  • Navigation history with backward/forward navigation
  • Revert button in every edit dialog
  • Propagation of element selections to all panels
  • Direct navigation to referrenced elements
  • Expression editing support including selection of process variables
  • Graph rotation (horizontal or vertical swin lanes)
  • Expression based participants in the graph with full editing support
  • XPDL element view including syntax highlighting
  • Problem highlighting and extended navigation tree
  • On-line documentation including XPDL explainations and configuration
  • 130+ pages PDF documentation with an XPDL editing guide
  • Graph overview with navigation possibilites
  • Possibility to customize XPDL element's property panels
  • View relations between main XPDL package and its external packages
  • In-line property panels for editing XPDL
  • Info bar for basic information about the selected object
  • Save XPDL with XPDL namespace prefix
  • Switching of the language in the GUI
  • Optionally display transition conditions in the graph
  • Define your own custom activity, process or any other XPDL element icons, property panels...
  • Specify single or multi in/out connections per the activity type
  • API documentation for extension programming
  • ...and a lot more that is needed in professional XPDL and BPMN modelling.

Open Source under the GPL V3 license

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor is an Open Source project which is publicly available on SourceForge under the GPL V3 license as "Enhydra JaWE" and has already become the worldwide de-facto standard to edit XPDL files. Even SAP is using our editor already.

A complete and powerful Workflow solution

In combination with Together Workflow Server you get a fully WfMC and OMG compliant Workflow solution. Together Workflow Server is an enormously flexible and extendable WfMC XPDL 2.1 / BPMN and "OMG Workflow Management Facility" compliant Java Workflow Engine for embedded or standalone usage. Process definitions are based on WfMC-XPDL (XML Process Definition Language) V2.1 / BPMN without proprietary extensions. For execution of serverside system activities the WfMC Tool Agents API is supported. Standard toolagents for many common tasks are included. Wf-XML is supported for communication with design tools and/or other workflow engines even from different vendors.

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor Manual and XPDL Tutorial

If you are new to WfMC XPDL we strongly recommend to read our Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor Manual and XPDL Tutorial.

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