Downloads of software products are subject to our licensing rules

If you are Open Source, we are free. If you are closed source, we are commercial.

Most of our products and source codes can be licensed under GPL V3 which requests you to Open Source your projects sources which are linking to our components / called by your components and all changes / extensions / etc. of our code under GPL V3 also.

If this restriction to Open Source also your development under GPL V3 is not suitable for you, you are able to buy a TSL (Together Software License) commercial license of our products. Of course we fully respect licenses of other Open Source subcomponents included in our products and therefore can grant Open Source GPL V3 or commercial TSL licenses only of such subcomponents which allow us to do so. Exact license texts of external subcomponents are included in all of our products.

Some of our products can not be Open Source because of license restrictions of necessary subcomponents. These products are available as TSL license only and free binary Demo versions can be downloaded. Download links and download access rights will be provided to you by Email after your purchase of the relevant product license. Source code of these projects is available to our Development Partners only.

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