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Groupware, Document Management and Workflow since more than 20 Years

Together is working in the area of Groupware, Document Management and Workflow since more than 20 years and has successfully completed dozens of projects using a big variety of platforms and technologies. Our project history includes technologies like "Digital LinkWorks", "Fabasoft Components", "Lotus Notes", "Microsoft Exchange" and "Kofax", just to mention a few.

Managing complex requirements and large scale projects

By carefully defining the right software architecture and selecting the appropriate development tools we are able to make even the most complex projects a success. We are used to projects with thousands of users, millions of transactions per week or even per day, huge datamodels and terrabytes of data combined with a demand for extremely high performance and highest availability of the resulting systems.

Member of the GrECo group since the beginning

Together - formerly named "GrECo Data" - is a member of the GrECo group which provides an extremely solid background. The GrECo group is a privately owned company. The headquarter is located in the traditional east-west business hub Vienna / Austria / Europe. For over 80 years the company has been operating in risk and insurance management. The GrECo group is characterized by sufficient resources in equity capital, a lean organisational structure and qualified employees.

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Ing. Alfred Madl


Contact:   a.madl@togetherteam.co.th

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